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lyn 28th Oct 2017 recreation therapist
Hi All! I have clients of all denominations in the community and have printed out quizzes for them. I am a lifestyle carer and clients really enjoy your short stories, crosswords, trivia, in fact all you have to offer.
This is a wonderful site and clients really enjoy all you have to offer I present to them to lighten up their days.
Are there more readings of Air Force as a client I have is an ex Air Force man. He really enjoyed naming the planes and literature about them, he is 93years old.
Heather 16th Oct 2013 Diversional Therapist
On all saints day we had a short service, outside, taken by a local minister, and then released a helium balloon for each person who had died in the facility during the previous year. Also if staff had lost a loved one they would be included in releasing a balloon. Very emotional but a beautiful way of support family members.