The Diversional Therapists Annual Report is a wonderful forum by which to communicate effectively to your manager and peers without letting your emotions get in the way.

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Maryann 13th Jul 2015
Very helpful indeed - we are now recognized as a part of the facility - presenting our Report to the Board which will help to promote the Lifestyle/Diversional Therapy/Activities area.
Sylvia 1st Jun 2015 Coordinator
Thank you for sharing.
carol 17th Oct 2014 Care Home
very helpful thank you for sharing
Ashley 30th Dec 2010 Diversional Therapist
As a new Diversional Therapist starting out, I am so greatful for this website!
Thank you so much for your experience of information and more!

lynnette 16th Mar 2010 Recreational Activities Offer
I like the idea of an annual report,and am going to take notes as you suggest.I can see a real advantage. Thanks Lynnette