Paul Klee is considered both a German and Swiss artist. His art is not easy to classify. He liked to experiment with styles and materials and ignore rules and popular fashion.

Paul Klee was born in Switzerland, on December 18, 1979, and is considered a German / Swiss artist.

His father was a musician and his mother a singer, so it came as no surprise that he was an excellent violin player by the of age 11. Klee started studying to be a musician but changed his mind in his teens to visual arts.

Paul Klee's artwork is not easy to classify, he was influenced by expressionism, cubism, surrealism and abstraction. He was an inventive artist, always experimenting with styles and materials, ignoring rules and popular fashion.

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Phillippa 1st May 2019 Carer
Brilliant idea. I facilitated this activity with a group of 8 and it went down well.
Talita 6th May 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Phillippa!