Famous Artist Coloring Pages: Here is an impression of an art of work by Thais Ibanez

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Lenny 1st Oct 2020 DJ
Good morning, how can I get the half coloring book pictures as with your link below? I like the idea that seniors can color one half with ideas from the completed half. Please advise.

As always, your site is THE BEST!


DJ Lenny
Soundwave Entertainment
Maurice 2nd Oct 2020
Hi Lenny :)

That is an interesting idea, thanks for sharing!

The half coloured images are only made and used above our activities, they don't actually exist as templates.

We don't do them as half done beacuse it might be hard to match the colours well when colouring, and then it would look a bit odd being different shades of every colour. Plus half the fun of colouring is the choose your own!

That's mainly why we include the artist profile and an example of the original so it can be used and expanded upon.

I'll pass your idea onto the team nonetheless.