Can you name Australia's most western point?

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Adele 11th Jun 2021 Retired (Voluntary Games Coordinator)
Thank you so much for the Australian section with all the quizzes and ideas.
We have enjoyed many other topics too. However I suppose there's 'no place like home'.
Your website is helpful and you have provided just the right levels of difficulty, so that I can choose for our group quizzes that are fun to get right, as well as a bit of a challenge, with information to learn.
Talita 14th Jun 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Adele, this is wonderful to hear! We have some more fun Australian quizzes coming soon!
Laureen 24th Jan 2016 Personal care assistant
Great questions. If I feel question is too hard for the group I give them a choice "a" or "b" e.g. 16) "a" snakes" or "b" kangaroos. Making it easier to answer and gives them a feeling of achievement.