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Vicki 23rd Feb 2016
I love the idea of the pool noodles being used! We do balloon tennis and make our own rackets with wire coat hangers which we bend out into a circle shape and stretch pantihose over them...the sharp bits at the end are covered with tape.
Marcia 16th Feb 2016
We use table tennis net and bats and use balloons great fun and enables all levels to participate including wheelchair/tub chair/stroke residents who only have use of one hand including those who can stand and are quite mobile, many think they are back playing tennis again
Mary 16th Feb 2016
we made bats out of wire coat hangers then covered them with panty hose[ the knee-highs] when discarded firstly you bend hangers to form a bat then put the knee highs on, great fun
Heather 16th Feb 2016
we do a balloon tennise but we use balloons as balls our net is toilet paper our bats are fly swats it is a lot of fun we were taught this by a clown doctor
stephen 11th Feb 2016
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