Blank Slate Word Game

Blank Slate Word Game

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This activity has become a weekly favorite, drawing a great turnout and lots of laughter. You can buy the game or make your own version with customized words, ensuring all residents can participate and have a good time.

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Roxanne 31st Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I love coming here, and finding new ideas or ways we can refresh our other games. So thankfulbfor this site.
Talita 4th Sep 2023
Thank you so much for your feedback Roxanne!
Carol 4th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator
I'm putting 'The White Board Game' on our next months calendar! Thanx for bringing it to my attention.
Lori 30th Mar 2023 Activity
You can Google compound words
Susan 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Charlotte
Thank you for the information
Ellen 31st Aug 2022 Game Instructor
Does the white board game have a list of words I can use?
Susan 2nd Sep 2022 Activity Director
Hi Ellen
I do not know what words Sharon had in mind
You can ask a few residents who are high functioning to help do devise a list
Or you can play many games on the the White board such as
as well as others
If you need more suggestions let me know
Charlotte 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director/CNA
I have used google to find long words the longer the word the better, I also bring the definition with me because if not then I'm told there is no such word. Then after we are done we count the number of words that we come up with and we will leave it up for everyone to see. You will be surprised on the responses we get and other people will also come along and write a word we might have forgotten.

I will also give a special prize to the ones who can come up with words that are long as well, my residents love it!
Charlotte 3rd Sep 2022 Activity Director/CNA
Hello Ellen,

I just wanted you to know that I have used google to find words for the white board, The longer the word the better. Our staff will even pop in and give words they find in the word we use. Once we are done we count how many we come up with and the next time we play everyone tries coming up with more words to beat the last score.

I have also given prizes to those who come up with long words within that word you will be surprised.
Try the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. LOL This word was a LOT of fun. :)
Connie 21st Jan 2022 Activity Director
Fun Game. Everyone could participate at different levels.
Talita 23rd Jan 2022
Thanks for your feedback Connie!
Rahoz 3rd Sep 2021 Activities Coordinator
The Blank Slate word Game is absolutely awesome great one thank you for sharing went down well with the patients.
Talita 20th Aug 2021
This sounds like a great game! Thanks for sharing Sharon!