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Grand-Parents Day is celebrated in many countries on different dates. The celebration is to promote the importance of grandparents to children.

Did you know there are millions of children around the world being brought up by their grandparents?
Let's celebrate their contribution and accomplishments with a special day in their honour.

Here are a few activity ideas for those in long term care.

How to celebrate grandparents day:

  1. Invite the grand-children of your clients for a 'High Tea' with your best china and different sorts of tea. Ask people to bring a plate to share.
  2. Invite school children to perform a song or play a game with a group of clients.
  3. Organise a concert in recognition of the valuable contribution of grand-parents.
  4. Interview some clients and collect grandparent-grandchild stories. Make a scrapbook and read it to others over a cup of tea.
  5. Find out who loves cats and 'borrow' a kitten for them to cuddle.
  6. Ring a Nursing Mother's Group and invite them for a sing-along with a group of grand-parents.
  7. Start a tradition: ask grandchildren to make and colour a butterfly, an angel or a flower every year as a present to grandma or grandpa. Grandparents keep them and bring them out on Grand Parents Day to hang on a small tree. As children grow older, it is nice to see how they get better and better at it.
  8. Sit a group of grandparents and grandkids around a table to make old style home-made lemonade.
  9. Share the list of the word grandfather and grandmother in different languages.
  10. Share the 'Grandparents Quiz' with a group of people.

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Morena 30th May 2013 Diversional Therapist
This celebration is great, I did this activity last year in the Hostel and was a great success, adding, I make Piñatas to put a little flavour to the theme. residents, family,and Kids Enjoyed. The purpose was to offer grandparents quality time with their grandchildren, while providing grandchildren an opportunity to share in the history of their family.
is a great Idea.


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