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Lori 16th Jul 2021 Guest Services Manager
This is absolutely golden! I have already planted the seed and the whole management team are on board for xmas 2021!
Talita 19th Jul 2021
This is so great to hear Lori! Pantos are so much fun, you'll love it!
Anglicare - Karen 16th Nov 2016 Lifestyle Lead
My Goodness. I opened this up to have a look and just realised that I actually did this one at my last job for entertainment at our Christmas luncheon. It was hilarious! Thank You so much for this one! Our fairies were all big burly men dressed in tutus and tiaras and I got to be sleeping beauty.

Keep up the great work!

Danielle - Lifestyle Assistant
Talita 21st Nov 2016
oh this is so lovely to hear! Thank you so much for the feedback. Yes we would love some more people to give it a go, ad lib as they see fit and have some fun with it!
Fess 15th Oct 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Our D.O.N Dawn McDonald introduced the Christmas Panto at Clermont back in 2006 (a treat she brought with her from Jacaranda in the 1990s), and everyone here loves it and looks forward to it every year.

It's a wonderful concept and I encourage anyone to put one on, make sure to get the crowd involved, invite families and friends.
You will have a lot of fun.