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Solange 24th Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Myra, what a great idea to add passwords. Thank you for sharing.
Myra 24th Feb 2021 Activities Worker
Great List! I can see potential for more fun by
1. Applying the game “Password” to help the residents guess the correct term.
ie: So to help them guess a _______ of barracudas you could say: “Energizer makes these.” Or “Double A, C, and a 9 volt.” Or “This can freeze under the hood of your car at -40C.”
ie: For a ______ of birds a clue like “What do you call the attendees of a church service?”

2. Do a Match with the animals in one column and the answers (in random order) in a second column.
Ngoc 6th Oct 2014 lifestyle student
i love it , thank you so much golden carer, i now feel more confidence to start my activity with the residents even though i am just a student
Shirley 5th Jun 2012 Recreation Officer
W enjoyed doing this quiz yesterday - thank you - Shirley NSW