Collective Nouns Word Bank Quiz

Collective Nouns Word Bank Quiz

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Fill in the blanks with the correct collective nouns from the word bank. Use each word only once.

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Gwyneth 16th Jan 2022 Volunteer
Thanks Tina, nice to hear they are helping you. Gwyneth
Tina 13th Jan 2022 Lifestyles Director
Thank you so much for all of these. They really help me
Christine 10th Nov 2021 Support Worker
Thank you Gwyneth, I and the older adults I support really appreciate your quizzes, Kind regards Christine
Gwyneth 12th Nov 2021 Volunteer
Thanks Christine, Gwyneth
Lisa 9th Nov 2021 Activities for Seniors
This is great!
Gwyneth 10th Nov 2021 Volunteer
Thanks Lisa. Gwyneth