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margaret 19th Apr 2016 carer/activities
At our facility we have a couple of karaoke dvd's which the residents enjoy but they are getting a bit tired of the same ones. Does anyone know where I can find ones that are cheaper than the ones online at around $40 each. Love the site. Any help would be appreciated.

Talita 23rd Apr 2016
Hi Margaret,

I found an old forum thread with some ideas for music cds and dvds which may be helpful:
margaret 24th Apr 2016 carer/activities
Thanks Talita I will investigate those suggestions,
Josephine 6th May 2016 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Margaret

If you have a list of music and songs that your residents love then have a look at Youtube - and put in karaoke with music and words to search. You can download and then burn onto a DVD. If you are unable to do this yourself see if a school child will do this for you. We are doing this not only for Karaoke but creating some visual sensory DVD's that are proving to be quite good for our residents. You can have different level of DVD's e.g. High Dementia area sensory dvd's of flowers opening slowly to classical music. We downloaded half hour of hymns and this has been very successful for the more religious and spiritual residents. We put this on prior to our bible discussion group.
margaret 10th May 2016 carer/activities
Thanks Josephine,
I need to 'borrow' a school child!
Eunice 31st May 2016 Activities Cordinator
Golden memories Karaoke is a wonderful company from Melbourne they've 8 DVDs that cost $40 each for all occasions and languages really worth a look I've bought them all and worth every penny

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