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Thea 24th Apr 2016
Hi everyone, we are needing ideas for prompt cards for declining residents, some although can hear are not able to answer due to the progress of their disease and some only recognise prompts. These need to be simple questions that they can relate to with icons. I have thought about this but the list of even the most basic of necessary questions amounts to a lot of cards. Basically: are you in pain (where?), thirst, hunger, depression etc. These need to be put into flash cards that are of no more than 10 better if less, so that if needed RN's and Doctors can use them in an appropriate situation to benefit the outcome without confusing our residents more and a better diagnosis abled. Ideas welcome and maybe we can set a standard set :) Liz
Talita 25th Apr 2016
This is a great request Thea, we will get a set of cards together for your feedback in the next couple of days.
Thea 1st May 2016
Thankyou Talita will look forward to your input..Liz

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