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Sandra 3rd May 2016 Activities Assistant
We have had several people pass away within the last three months. At this point I'm at a loss as to what activities to do. Everyone we have left are very low functioning. Most of the activities I have scheduled are not working, and most of the residents sleep during many of the activities I do now. Right now we do a lot of music, trivia, and reminiscing. Anyone have any other ideas?
sandra 4th May 2016 Activities Coordinator
Pamper - hand massages, nails cut. nails painted. A popular activity where I work is I get a large whiteboard write a word on it, and they have to use those letters and call out words from it and you write them under the word - the ones that cant see the board, I write it on paper for them to hold on to. - we got 120 words from one just last week....see if they can beat the amount of words each week! we have rest home @hospital join in.. This usually goes between half n hour to a can usually gauge when to finish. And now the residents are approaching me with words to use lol. Put on some up beat music that they know and do some exercises. Get someone in to do a art demo...Recruit volunteer's, good luck :-) You can do it!!! I had one of the big bosses tell me she would work anywhere in a rest home apart from 2 was kitchen and the other was activities!!! Too hard basket for her!!! Keep your chin up and know you are doing a fabulous job!! :-)
Darlene 10th May 2016 Recreation Officer
Hi Sandra, I have the same problem where i am and we have mostly men. We do lots of one on one and reminiscing, music and sensory. cutting nails can be very relaxing for most of mine seem to sleep while i do it.
I was told that even for the residents to watch an activity, as long as they are engaged, is an activity.
most of my residents sleep and say no to most things...we just go with the flow, best of luck i am sure you are doing a fantastic job :)
Sandra 12th May 2016 Activities Assistant
It sounds like what's going on here is pretty common. Your advice helps me a lot! Thank you so much :)
Vicky 16th May 2016
I am to amazed..but I have to keep reminding myself it's there choice to say NO or sleep.
It's all fine with others telling us we have to do this and have to do that.....But a lot of residents just want to sleep and have a quiet life...When your in 80's and 90's they are tired, if they want to join they will. I think you covering all the bases and through our training we know what works and we know what doesn't.
SueDawn 25th Apr 2024 Activities Director
I have recently been using a children's wooden musical instruments set that I purchased off of Amazon, it has bells, rattles, clickers, maracas, tamborines, etc. they are loving it and it has made them come alive during music time

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