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Shelly 1st Jun 2016 activity Director
I have had a bulletin board up for a couple of months now I need to change it any ideas that I can use for June and July
Thank you in advance
Talita 1st Jun 2016
Hi Shelley,

Have you checked the calendar for some ideas?

We are currently working on a monthly reminiscing newsletter too which will have even more interesting trivia and tidbits to share with your clients. This should be available next month.

Denise 16th Jul 2018 Life Enrichment Assistant
Hi Shelly.. I too have been looking for good summer bulletin board ideas (that's when I saw your post, as I was searching GC)! The ones I find on Pinterest are usually too kiddish.
You could always choose something not specific to summer.
I will keep looking for other ideas and thinking of things on my own and will get back to you.
Denise 24th Jul 2018 Life Enrichment Assistant
How about a sports theme? We have a baseball board with a baseball field diamond and the names of the players with their pictures.

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