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Shelly 7th Jul 2016 activity Director
I work full time at a nursing home, and Part time when needed at a hospital for swingbed patients. Does anyone have any ideas for swingbed patients??
Talita 16th Jul 2016
Hi Shelly,

This looks like a good question to ask the Facebook Activities for Seniors Group:

Solange 22nd Jul 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shelly, it would depend on the functioning and cognitive level of your clients.

High functional clients could have puzzles, riddles, crossword, quizzes, books, poetry, and colouring books.

For low functioning clients you could try hand massage, tactile stimulation such as bean bags (rice/lentils), chai tea, play dough, facial for the ladies, sing-alongs, balloon playing.

Group activities I assume would be very difficult to organise.
Best wishes.

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