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jane 27th Jul 2016 activity provider
Have just seen the Qwirkle game (similar to dominoes) on
the site for people suffering from dementia. Looks and
sounds fun. Is there another name for it or when can I
buy it from?
Talita 27th Jul 2016
Hi Jane,

I noticed you're in the UK - you can get this product on Amazon:

If you google 'qwrikle uk' you will find other sites selling it too.

Hope this helps!
jane 27th Jul 2016 activity provider
Many many thanks Talita. All done and dusted. We should have a great deal of fun with this.
So looking forward to playing with it.
A game, or rather puzzle, that my ladies enjoy is TANTRIX. It has nice bright colours
and they just love finding how to follow the colours through. (not cheap but worth it).
What would we do without the help of each other?

Bye for now,
Talita 28th Jul 2016
Absolutely Jane, the community spirit is inspiring!

Thanks for the tip with tantrix, I remember this game although I haven't seen it for a long time. It's lots of fun.

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