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Wendy 7th Aug 2016
Does anyone run a spiritual reminiscence program? I am after topic ideas for those with mild dementia. We have reminisced about phases of life, parents, feeling safe, friendships - these worked well with photos or pictures as conversation prompts. I would love to hear what else may have worked for others!
Marlo 9th Aug 2016
I have tried old TV commercials. What they used then and what we use know. It is fun and you can play a Price is Right game which is fun.
maria 17th Aug 2016
You could try reminiscing about any special prayers, Sunday school and church picnics. Did they use Rosary beads? Do they remember their first communion, confirmation? How about favourite hymns? What do they feel when they see photos of young animals or beautiful sunsets/nature? Have they been to other religious services/weddings etc and noticed the difference to their own? Do they remember what priests,nuns or clergymen wore? eg habit,wimple,dog collar. I hope this has been of some help.
Susan 22nd Sep 2016
our residents enjoy completing the verses of old hymns I find that like nursery rhymes they are deep seated in the brain the recall is amazing.
I also have Cd's of choirs singing the hymns so it works as a sing a long session.
we play bible hangman using the books or characters from the bible and bible bingo were the numbers are associated with people or events in the bible such as the number five the wise virgins.

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