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kirsten 9th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator
Hi all :)
My head of department has asked me to design an "Activity Survey" for our residents to complete ……. I have done these in the past but as silly as it sounds "my mind has gone blank" Any hints that you have that may refresh my memory would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Kirsten
Talita 10th Aug 2016
Hi Kirsten,

There is a sample of a health and lifestyle survey on the website which may be helpful:

Talita 16th Aug 2016
Hi Kirsten,

Thanks for the inspiration for this week's article all about activity program surveys!

Lowana 11th Jan 2017 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
You could also add a 3 wishes section and work on making wishes come true though out the year
Talita 14th Jan 2017
That's a nice idea Lowana

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