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Patricia 20th Oct 2016
hi, I am new to your site and have found some really great things. I am getting ready to admit our first residents into the skilled nursing part of our community. Their skills are quite diminished and I am searching for latest greatest proven activities for the low functioning folks. I would love any ideas that you may have to share. I know music is the tried and true but looking for other ideas.
Talita 23rd Oct 2016
Hi Patricia,

Have you tried the dementia care category of the website? You will find a lot of relevant activities there along with comments from members with their feedback.

Here are a few popular articles:

I hope this helps. Good Luck!
You may also like to join the Golden Carers Facebook Group, it is a very active and supportive community, I'm sure they will have more ideas too.

Shelley 9th Dec 2016 Music therapist
If you design some sensory programs,most of the items you can store in small clear totes for repeated use. Think of a theme, such as Christmas. Pull together items that cover all of one's senses. You could have a felt stocking (filled with small items is an added bonus), cookie cutters for a cooler metal feel, a cookie recipe, holiday music favorites, put some scent on a cotton ball, such as pine, and keep in a small closed container. When starting the sensory program, start with smell. This will invoke a response, more than seeing an object(which they may not be able to identify). Maybe some vanilla extract on a cotton ball, a rolling pin, recipe, cookie cutters, cookie sprinkles, an oven mit. Talk about holiday baking. Find a poem to read aloud. Create an experience.

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