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jane 10th Nov 2016 activity provider
Morning all, where ever we live in this wonderful world of ours. The Golden Carers is the ideal site for joining us all together.
May be a new idea. We/I have started a monthly News Letter. The Residents are the
reporters. One talks about the weather (easy in this country) a couple of the ladies give me an article on the state of the garden and whats growing and some of the wild life they see.
then articles of 'days gone by' - only a couple of lines, perhaps about their school days and what uniforms they wore. Once one starts talking they all join in.
I type/print the News Letter off and each person gets a copy and one is put on the notice board for staff and visitors can read. It has become a fantastic success so hopefully we can continue with it. Just as a pointer it's only two pages long and I try and put a couple of clip art and perhaps a photo in. Just an idea. Luv Jane
Talita 14th Nov 2016
Thank you so much for your feedback Jane!

Love your activity idea! It would be great if you could post this as an activity here:

Thanks Jane!
jane 15th Nov 2016 activity provider
Thanks so much. Have put details etc. on the activity site,


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