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Belinda 8th Dec 2016 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Does anyone have any resources they use for clients who have been accountants? I cannot find anything stimulating for a client I have to do with his accounting background...
Yvonne 17th Dec 2016 RAO Aged Care
Hi Belinda - we had an accountant who was a wanderer wanting to go home so each day we would give him some new maths sheets ( we had them already printed & kept in the wing) and told him we needed the work completed by the next day - he had a nice folder to keep them in - we would give him new sheets & take the completed ones - it does't matter if they are repeated again - just simple maths - addition + , subtraction, multiplication- they are numbers people so this is very suitable - games with numbers maybe also - hope this helps
Belinda 19th Dec 2016 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Thank you!

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