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Gemma 13th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and finding it fantastic so far. I was wondering if anyone works in a hospital as an activity coordinator? I've been in my role for over a year now but i havent been able to make an activity plan as the patients are constantly changing and as it's a dementia an delirium unit the patients abilities range massively.
Has anyone any ideas for activities that aren't just one thing but several that flow into each other. So if a patient can't do one part of it they may be able to do another.
When I play music we also sing while others that can't or don't want to play instruments, so I'm looking for other activities which you can do the same sort of thing. It's very difficult when there's just one person doing activities when the patients can be early or end stage dementia.
I would appreciate any help as at the minute we seem to be doing the same things a lot. Balloon games seem to be a winner at the minute
Thanks in advance
Maree 13th Jan 2017
Hi Gemma. I am the PAG co-ordinator at Boort District Health. My room is attached to acute hospital and residential care facility. I will pass onto my colleague Sandra your inquiries, as she is our residential activities co-ordinator and works with high and low care people, about 25 residents, and she may be able to suggest some activities. I know we have had conversations in the past regarding the challenges that go with providing activities for people with a wide range of abilities. We try and work on the Montessori principles as much as we can, often breaking down an activity into smaller steps so that clients can be involved as much as they can and want to. All should be able to participate in some way and you have already demonstrated how this can be done in your music activity...whether singing, playing or simply tapping toes to the music, choosing the song or for more active people setting out song books or helping others to find correct page. Music is a great activity for all.
Another I have found to be wide enough to involve all, is cooking. From choosing the recipe, getting ingredients, discussing and giving opinions, cracking an egg, perhaps not measuring but putting in sugar, etc, stirring, smelling and tasting.
And of course being in the fresh air whilst doing activities, or simply being there seems to evoke different reactions in people as well.
I will pass on your inquiry though...good luck.
Boort District Health.
Solange 15th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Gemma, you could make a booklet of activities, like: Fun Riddles, Spot the Differences, Word Search, Words in Words, Crossword, and Short stories to give to individual clients. For groups of clients I would suggest Pot Luck Quiz, Who Am I? Name the Love Songs, Things that Go Together, and more. If you have a white board, Word Game is a fabulous sort of entertainment. Check the links below. Best wishes.
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Gemma 16th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator
that's a great idea Solange. thank you.
Maree if you speak to your colleague that would be fantastic.
its so hard to find the right activities for everyone in a hospital environment when patients change all the time

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