Collection of Fun Riddles

Collection of Fun Riddles

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Melissa 16th Jul 2017
Our clients were always asking for new and varied word searches (most of which come from here). Last week I tried a couple of these riddles and they loved them just as much, if not more. They get a bit competitive as to who can work out the riddle first. Thank you so much for the great resources and sharing them as part of our subscription. So very much appreciated.
Talita 17th Jul 2017
Oh that's so lovely to hear, thank you Melissa! There are more here:

We add to them regularly.
Lesley Jane 12th Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for the fun riddles and rhyming riddles my residents are enjoying them : ) x
Talita 9th Mar 2016
Thanks for your feedback Mike, much appreciated!
Mike 8th Mar 2016 Manager
Thankyou for the fun riddles , my residents really enjoy them : )
Jane 9th Jul 2015 Aged Activities Co-ordinator
The Fun Riddles are one of the favorites with our groups - they always look forward to them and enjoy the crossing out, circling, underline etc, and finally coming up with the answer. Keeps them entertained for ages and they love to compete with each other !
Rhonda 11th Apr 2015 diversional therapist
Thank you my residents just love these they look forward to them , if we don't know the subject i get my i pad out and show them the answers this way we are all learning new things lol . keep them coming. Very challenging . Shkyna from nz
paula 3rd Nov 2014 RLO
Thank you for the riddles my redisents love doing these. Can you please post some more.
Johnette 4th May 2014 Activities Officer
Thanks for these Fun Riddles....... my Day Centre Clients love them, they are a great activity!!
Patricia 26th Apr 2014 Co Ordinator
Thank you for these, our people love them.