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Sandy 9th Feb 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there, I need to start the cooking session, can anyone please help me with how to do the risk assessment......
Solange 10th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sandy, food-borne illnesses in long-term care facilities are not uncommon (gastroenteritis). Although it is impossible to eradicate all risks; it is possible to focus on the basis of hygiene practices. Staff must be a vigilant at all times by adhering to good personal and food hygiene. You may follow your facility's Food Authority Guidelines but here is a small list for your Risk Assessment.
- Consult clinical staff for a list of clients with allergies
- Good hygienic practices to avoid bacterial growth (hands and utensils clean and sanitised)
- Consider immunocompromised clients (diabetes, pureed foods)
- Be attentive to shelf life of frozen foods
- Watch out for contamination of horticultural products (fruits and vegetables well washed and/or peeled; seed sprouts, unpasteurized juices and dairy products are considered to have high risk of contamination)

- Wet floors (wiping spills immediately)
- Fire risk and heat risk
- Hot water danger (tap water and dishwater)
- Use caution when serving food from microwaves ovens
- Knives and scissors kept away

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