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Jennifer 24th Mar 2017 Director Of Activities
What questions do you ask when you are checking a volunteers reference? I am not happy with the current form used at my facility and I'm looking for better questions to ask to get a good idea about a volunteer.
Solange 24th Mar 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jennifer, you may wish to explore why the applicant wants to be a volunteer.
Motivations worth taking notice of include:

- They want to give 'something back' to the community
- Desire to gain experience in a field they hope to be able to work in one day
- Need to meet people / need to feel needed
- Have skills from previous paid position that may be useful
- A desire to keep active (if person is older)

If the applicant is unemployed, try to find out why.

Also make sure to prepare a 'Position Description' describing a small list of tasks available for volunteers, so the applicant can compare them with their own skills and expectations. You will find relevant material in this link:

I hope this helps. This is a great question to ask on our Facebook Group page too:

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