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Kymberly 10th Apr 2017 Activities Coordinator
Hi Friends, I'm about to propose doing 1 on 1 visits, for residents who are either going through a hard time, need encouragement to participate etc. Does anyone have ideas for a template that allows for information I might want to record, or an observation/report form? I want to formalise the idea before I take it to the manager :)
Solange 13th Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kimberly, frail older clients going through a hard time need someone to listen to them and empathise. Your proposal is really meaningful. You may also encourage them to engage in simple activities such as conversation, watching TV, looking at photos and magazines, watching a beautiful mobile, listening to nature sounds in the garden or through music, sharing a story from the newspaper, laughing together after sharing a joke, and more. The visit should be evaluated regarding demeanour, alertness, mood, body language. During visits you may identify empty spaces in client’s room and think what to do with these for the benefit of client, like an extra table, a hanging plant, a large clock. Visits get easier as you develop rapport with clients.
Lynne 19th Apr 2017 Activity Director
Hi Kymberly, I schedule 1:1's every day for those unable or unwilling to participate in group activities. One of my favorite things to do is a reminiscing board. I ask family members for pictures and ideas of what they liked...if no family is available, I go through picture books with them to get an idea of what they like and go from there. When people visit their room they can start a nice conversation just by looking at the tells a story about the person. As far as a form, there are some very helpful forms on
Good Luck and keep up the great work!

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