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Abigail 16th Apr 2017 PCC Secretary
I have just started a lunch group for the elderly with my Church - all welcome. We have quite a diverse crowd, some with mental health issues, some with mobility issues, some quite ok with no health problems. I am looking for activities that will encompass all of them - have thought of the drum circle but can anyone think of anything else that I can do to encourage them to mix and mingle, and get the laughter flowing?

At this point ANY ideas (as long as they are clean and legal) will be considered!
Solange 21st Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Abigail, interesting group you have there! Activities with music will go well for the group; sing-alongs with popular country music, Top 40 of the 1940s and 1950s, Nursery Rhymes. You may also offer some easy activity and engage those more physically and mentally fit to ‘help’ others more ailing. Activities suitable are Word Search, Drawing, Dot Painting, Pot Luck quizzes, The Price is Right, Things That Go Together, School Day Reminiscing Cards, Recycled Dream Spring/Autumn Tree, and more. The best of luck with the group.

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