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Sarah 27th Apr 2017 Program Director
Hello! I am new to the activities field and would love some assistance in coming up with activities for those who are vision impaired and/or wheelchair bound. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
Talita 27th Apr 2017
Hi Sarah,

Here is an article regarding activities for the visually impaired:

Hope this helps.
Kim 2nd May 2017 Registered Nurse
Hi Sarah, I hope this helps. talking books from your library,pet therapy,bingo and hoy with extra large cards and boards.Music, garden visits,sensory mats or rugs and of course keep checking this site as it offers wonderful ideas that you can use or modify if need be. Good luck,enjoy what you do and remember even the little things make a big difference.
Donna 9th May 2017 Activity Director
Hi Sarah,
I have a very visual resident who still WANTS to participate in most activities. This can be difficult, but i have been able to adapt some activities for her. I bought a large piece of foam board and drew a EXTRA, EXTRA large Bingo card. It probably measures about 24 in by 24 in. Much larger than the largest bingo card you can buy. I put letters & numbers that i made on my Cricut machine but you can use Address letters & numbers that you can buy at hardware stores. She has been able to memorize the numbers and can play independently. Another game she can play with minimal help is Shut the box. Someone has to tell her the total of the two dice she tossed, but then she can "feel" the numbers and flip them down. She can do this with minimal assistance, just watching if she is flipping down the correct numbers. Hope this helps.

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