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CARLA 20th May 2017 Carer
hello to ALL
I'm asking for your MARVELOUS help...
At moment I'm working with a person with high level of Dementia ... reluctant to go outside and visual impairment... please help me think of activities... I'm almost desperate for practical suggestions... I made an activity / sensory cushion and none result... videos about nature ... only a temporary result... I'm struggling with lack of engagement...
Solange 22nd May 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Carla, don’t be too hard on yourself; I am sure you are doing your very best to engage your clients. However, there will be always those who do not respond for reasons of their own; which eventually may or may not be revealed. Some people are by nature alert and others lethargic; theses are traits difficult to change. To alleviate social isolation here are a few ideas to try:
- Keep informed of new activities, Residents' meeting and outings. Don’t give up!
- Schedule room visits to listen to them. Elders thrive in being 'listened to'.
- Encourage and support residents’ family to visit more and facilitate visits.
- Enlist their 'help' in activities; everybody likes the feeling they 'are making a difference'. Washing dishes, peeling potatoes, hanging washing.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Cheers.
Barbara 23rd May 2017 Activity Director
Hi Carla. Have you tried music? Find out what special songs or style of music that your resident will enjoy. Use percussion instruments to help them get into the music. You could make some instruments in a craft activity, such as empty pringles can with rice or dried beans. would sound like a rain stick.
Kim 23rd May 2017 Registered Nurse
Hi Carla, if your resident has high level dementia it will be unlikely that you will get long term response. However try engaging each day with an activity of interest to them. Search their history, work , sport, hobbies and hone in on one that is practical for you. Repetition and consistency will be a key. Good luck and take care of yourself.
Morgan 24th May 2017 Activity Director
One thing that I have found that works with a lot of lady residents is hand massage with a lightly scented lotion and painting their fingernails. Also I have a collection of books that have short stories about animals in them that residents enjoy.
Juli 10th Jul 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there have you tried concept mapping.

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