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Peggy 22nd May 2017 Facility Manager
Hello, with the cooler weather fast approaching I am looking for alternative ideas using warm water/flannels as part of pamper and sensor therapy. We have pamper Fridays for both men and women providing nail care/ hand massage using tea tree oil and lemongrass oil that the residents appreciate and enjoy. Has anyone used lavender oil on warm flannels for over the face relaxation on residents? Delicate skin and irritation are concerning when attempting new ideas and would love to hear any successful ones. Thank you.
Talita 24th May 2017
Hi Peggy, that sounds lovely but I understand your concerns. This is a good question to ask on our facebook group also:
Susan 28th May 2017 Activity Director
I have not used lavender oil on clothing but I have used it as part of aromatherapy with next results
Peggy 28th May 2017 Facility Manager
Thank you both. The Activities for Seniors Facebook page is a fantastic resource and I shall also pose the question there.

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