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Kimberley 24th May 2017 Program Coordinator
I need some help. I have a resident who is legally blind in one eye and can't see very well in the other. This resident has Alzheimer's; however is very high functioning. I need activities that I can do that can also work for my other residents. Remember I have a mixed population as it relates to their functioning levels. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Susan 28th May 2017 Activity Director
If the resident is high functioning ask him what he would like to do
And adapt and modify the activities he's is suggesting if vision is an important part of the activity
Let me know what he says and I will help you adapt and modify the actively
Kimberley 15th Jun 2017 Program Coordinator
Hi Susan and thank you for helping me out. I had asked my her and all she wishes to do is be in her room and watch tv. We just recently got a community puppy which has brought her out of the room at least once a day. I did ask if she could come down to the family room and hold the puppy for me while the music program was going on and she was more than willing to do that. After the program, she said she really enjoyed the music and that she really thought it helped the puppy get used to the sounds. So win/win on this one. To be honest, because she is so high functioning, I feel it might be depressing for her to be around all the others. Sooo, with this being said, got any ideas? Thanks again.
Susan 16th Jun 2017 Activity Director
Ask her to be your assistant she can help you well I'm sure I'm sure you can find things for her to do that would be helpful to you and Wouu make her feel good
I had a high functioning resident with dementia help me with all sorts of groups especially sing-alongs even if she doesn't sing that well
I am actually writing an article about starting a resident Choral group
Do you have one?
You can make greeting cards on the computer and have her fold them for you and then you can pass them out to residents which she can help you
You can have her do surveys with some of the residents and post the results
She can help you announce upcoming events
She can pass out menus if you do that or calendars
She can tabulate opinions of other presidents for you

I hope this helps you I may have some more ideas but I'd have to think about it
So far so good
Susan 17th Jun 2017 Activity Director
A couple more things
See if you can get her a name tag or make one for her that says volunteer activity assistant
Also make sure she wants to help you in someway even if it's only for one day a week maybe at the musical entertainment
Make sure you write in her notes that she wanted to help you that she really is not happy being in her room isolating herself so that if the surveyor should happen to ask her about this and she says that you made her do it or that she really doesn't want to there is documentation stating otherwise
Let me know if you need more ideas I have many and I am happy to help
Kimberley 17th Jun 2017 Program Coordinator
Thank you so much Susan for all the suggestions. I tried the music thing Friday and she left saying she did not like the music. Thank goodness I have others that come out with different styles, maybe one of those might be okay. I will ask her on Monday about being my assistant and see how that goes. I will somehow get her into activities. I thank you again and if there is something I can do for you, please reach out and maybe I can give back what you gave to me. Take care and enjoy your residents,
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
What about a sensory bag which holds a feather, baby clothes, soap, etc for a lady and for a gentleman then a toy train/car, big bolts, etc or an apron/blanket that has items sewn on such as a zipper, pom pom, etc?
Try and find out what their interests are and include those items that may encourage trips down memory lane. Hope that helps.

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