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Lisa 25th May 2017 Activities for Seniors
I'm looking for suggestions for board games to play with people with low/moderate dementia.
I'm currently playing Monopoly Junior and Scrabble Junior. We play "regular" Yatzee, UNO, and Left Right Center.

I'd like to broaden my board game selection. Ideas that work well with a mixed group?

Kimberley 26th May 2017 Program Coordinator
Qwirkle. I use it in my community and play it so they are just matching the color or the shape. They love this game. Hope this helps.
Susan 28th May 2017 Activity Director
I like to play a modified version of "Name That Tune". Instead of playing music. say the song title word by word
For example
start be saying let see if anyone can name the song if not then
then say let me see if anyone can name the song if not then
then say let me call you see if anyone can name the song if not then
say the whole song title
Then you can sing the song
Let everyone have a turn
For non verbal residents ask a different resident if he knows what the non verbal resident is thinking
I also like simple dice and card games
Susan 31st May 2017 Recreation Activity Officer
I am a centre based RAO and one of the table game our clients enjoy is Tri-ominos - a Domino Game with a three sided twist. The game can be purchased at toy shops and is would be suitable to your mentioned clients.
Liz 4th Jun 2017 Activities Officer
What is the left right Game?
Liz 4th Jun 2017 Activities Officer
Snakes and ladders is one our residents enjoy.
Board games that ask residents to comment on a reminiscing topic are always fun.
Also Charades
Talita 5th Jun 2017
The Left Right Game is here:

Lisa 6th Jun 2017 Activities for Seniors
Left Right Center is a dice game that my residents love! It's great because it challenges them to use their left and right hands. Good brain challenge and simple enough for them to enjoy and not get frustrated.
Topsy 6th Jun 2017 Deversional Therapist
Dominoes, connect 4 and Jenga are favourites with my residents. I use coloured dominoes - it gives two options to play with i.e numbers or colours.
Lisa 7th Jun 2017 Activities for Seniors
Thank you for the great suggestions!

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