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Emma 15th Jun 2017 Activity Coord
Hello, Im having trouble with motivating residents, homes are quite hot and when its hot outside also it seems to send them all to sleep and its very hard to get them motivated without them having challenging behviour. i do a variety of things for resident lots of trips and entertainers in, as well as crafting, word games to get the mind going and playing ball games and parachute. but approaching them to get them to join in is hard for me, im not loud person anyway and i dont want to dissapoint staff so any ideas that would help would be amazing.

thank you
Kimberley 15th Jun 2017 Program Coordinator
Good Morning, I use music all day long and it really helps when I get out there and dance and go around to each one and dance with them too. It can be done with those in wheelchairs, to walkers, to ambulatory residents. I find Elvis really wakes them up. The more movement I have, the more awake they become. See if this helps and let me know. Good luck and dance!
Susan 16th Jun 2017 Activity Director
The way I used to get presidents to John in was to never ask but say let's go I usually approach them three times before I would take no for an answer
I would say that their doctor wants them to go to the activities because it's good for their mental and physical health
I also would say that their family wants them to go to activities in fact invite family members to come to some of the activities
Food is always a good motivator especially ice cream when it's warm out or some other cool snack or drink
I hope this helps and I will think about it some more to see if I can come up with some other ideas
Emma 16th Jun 2017 Activity Coord
Ill give it a go, dancing and music is on thing im trying to really use, iv read that turning the TV off and putting music on can help when trying to get their attention.

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