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Lisa 29th Jun 2017 Activities for Seniors
Hello Fellow Members,

I have a "LEGALLY BLIND" lady in a small group of elderly people I do activities with.

Can someone PLEASE recommend activities for her while I'm doing activities with those who can see. I don't want her to be left out. Her mind is clear.

Thank you!
Solange 30th Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lisa, your client could use her hands making sachets of lavender or un-doing and winding an old wool sweater for recycling use. She may also enjoy listening to short stories on YouTube. Make sure you screen the stories before recommending it or ask a volunteer to screen them for suitability. All you need is a headphone and a mobile phone. You may try HG. Wells, Franz Kafka, or O Henry (after screening; horror, macabre and, supernatural are not recommended unless your client asks for it). Cheers.
Susan 30th Jun 2017 Activity Director
Try to have some activities where you don't have to see so she could participate with the group
Sing along's exercise give her verbal instructions and
Trivia games come to mind I mediately
You can also adapt and modify some activities you already do so she can engage in them
I will think about this and let you know if I come up with anything else if you have any questions leave a comment
Colleen 12th Jul 2017 Diversional Therapist
I invited my Resident for a short walk outside & around the facility. We would stop & sit for 5 minutes on a lovely sunny day,.I would say to her "My eyes are shut......lets tell each other what we can hear? You will be amazed at what is said! We would then begin to stroll again, I would pick a rose...& ask her."What does this smell like to you? What flower do you think it might be?"'What other smells can you smell" We would pick some flowers...remniise about what she used to grow in her garden-& her vege garden, & upon returning to the fascility, we would arrange our flowers in a vase for her room. Each week, I leave a single flower on her pillow on my last day....she looks forward to it,& can often tell me what flower it was that i left!

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