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Tyler 3rd Jul 2017 Rec. Therapist
Hello everyone.
I am reaching out because I am at a loss in my current facility.
We have a mixture of independent, assisted living and palliative care.
I have tried so many different activities, but my engagement is very low.
All I can get them out of their rooms for is food and music.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Susan 5th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Hi Tyler
If the resident really like food and music have other activities centered around these things
Four example watermelon day is in the beginning of August
Why not have a watermelon party except serve the watermelon last and have watermelon trivia and songs before that
You could pass out cards inviting residents to the event and have a trivia question on the invitation if they come to the party and turn in the card with the correct answer they will either be eligible for a prize or you can pick one winner of all that have turned the card In
You could also have cooking activities where the residents get to eat what they made
For example in September is chocolate milkshake day who doesn't like a chocolate milkshake there are some simple recipes on line milkshakes that your group could do and you could have trivia and maybe songs about milkshakes or whatever
I am surprised your residence do not like bingo but every group is different let me know if this helps because I have more ideas if you need them
Susan 9th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Here is a link to megan's post. She seems to have some good groups and is in a similar type facility.
Maybe you can comment on her post and discuss ideas with her. Two heads are better than one

Good luck
Gillian 11th Jul 2017 Activities Coordinator
I'm currently having the same struggle with some of my clients- whatever I suggest they refuse. I feel like I'm letting them down.
Taryn 12th Jul 2017 Activities coordinator
Hi Tyler,

Have you tried focussing on the 'prize' aspect of activities? Like bingo/ trivia and winner gets a prize. who doesn't love winning things!?! I ve found armchair travel to be popular too. Its Bastille day this week so our group is 'travelling' to France. We will be eating croissants and cheese and baguettes, listening to French music and having French trivia with prizes. Good Luck!

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