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Megan 7th Jul 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi Everyone!
I work at an a retirement home, and my clients are all in the independent living building (~60). I have a good core group who do most things on the calendar, however it is hard to engage the rest of the clients. Now, I know they have more "freedom" then the assisted living/nursing home residents, but participation in most groups are low. I get a good group for exercise, coffee club, wine and cheese, and our tea social, however everything else is subpar. I don't know how else to encourage people, or maybe it's my programs they aren't interested in, however they are pretty set in the schedule they had before I began working here, and are quite vocal when I cancel something for a special circumstance (like BINGO which they play 3 times a week as it is). I"m just kind of stuck, and looking for some advice.

Thank you in advance!
Susan 7th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Send out invitations with a trivia question On the invitation
If the resident answer the question and attends the activity then they have a chance to win a prize
Have the core group invite others who they think might be interested
Serve food at the other activities
Susan 9th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Here is a link to Kyle's post. He seems to be looking for similar ideas as you.
It sounds like you do have some good groups'How many do you want and what groups specifically are poorly attended??
Raelene 11th Jul 2017 Diversional Therapist
Guest speaker 'spot' - bring in guest speaker(s) and/or have the residents as 'speakers' sharing their experiences.
diane 11th Jul 2017 lifestyle
Guest speakers work well for me too. Have you conducted a survey amongst all the independent people to understand what they may be interested in and willing to attend. I cant speak for everyone but we are aware that the program is to meet a residents needs not the resident fitting into what we offer. In the past I have themed Bingo cards to add variety to bingo sessions. Some themes have included the seasons, transport, winter and summer Olympics and proverbs.
Taryn 12th Jul 2017 Activities coordinator
Hi Megan,
Im in the same kind of situation. I work in community aged care so dont have a 'captured audience' so to speak. I have an activity program that has to appeal to people enough that hey want to pay to attend. If you like you can email me at [email protected] - it would be great to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

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