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Kaitlyn 5th Jul 2017 Diversional Therapist
I am after suggestions for project ideas we can do in our men's club.
Currently our men's club is very quiet and we are struggling to come up with ideas of things to do during our time.
I was thinking some sort of hands on project to get everyone more involved would be good, any ideas?
Susan 6th Jul 2017 Activity Director
If you have any men were veterans somebody from a veterans association could come to speak and talk about old times in the service often hospice groups have a veteran associate related to their group

I find men's groups to be difficult which is why I said when I had him in school that it was sponsored by the man but women were also invited

We also had a breakfast especially for man but then we invited the woman also and it worked out fine that's all the ideas I have for now but I'll think about it
Susan 7th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Try a breakfast or lunch especially for them
Try having a veteran come in to talk about their time in the service and have the residents share their experiences
A really engaging group leader makes all the difference
Taryn 12th Jul 2017 Activities coordinator
Hi Kaitlyn,

I have found men can be very hard to engage in group activities. I work in community aged care and have found that outings are the only way to get them involved. I have a 'mens group run by men' approach. The male group leaders have a way of encouraging participants into coming along and once they see what its all about they are keen to keep coming back. I think people have preconceived ideas on what group activities are. Good Luck!!
Nathalie 12th Apr 2022 Recreation Programmer
Six months ago, I created a Men's Club that is now part of my calendar once a month. I found it very important to know what they used to do for living and their hobbies whether it was playing sports/fishing/building etc...
I also ask the kitchen to bake squares to be offered during the program and we play mini golf, bowling and electronic dartboard, the program lasts about an hour. It's a small group of men but they enjoy catching up on current news with each other, while enjoying snacks and playing games. ;)
Susan 12th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Nathalie
It sounds like you have a winner here
Thank you for sharing

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