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Barbara 13th Jul 2017
My husband is at home. He is not mobile except for transfer, cannot see well and has use of one hand or arm only. He cannot draw or write.He gets a little confused at times though can be alert, but it is there. I am looking for ideas to keep him busy. I can read to him, and he enjoys selected radio programmes of a standard format. When I looked at suggestions from the free part of this site they were almost all for people who could see and move. Two questions 1. Does anyone have ideas to help keep my husband engaged and busy and 2. If I paid the full subscription whee would I look on the site to find suitable activities for people who cannot see, move or manipulate much? Thanks Barbara

Susan 14th Jul 2017
Hi Barbara.
There is an article about 20 activities for the visually impaired
If you join and need further assistance, you can get some other ideas as well.
I hope you will join us
Carolan 18th Jul 2017
Try sensory activities. Such as baking biscuits. Then letting him feel them, smell them taste them.
Make a fidget box of an activity that he used to do that he enjoyed.
Barbara 20th Jul 2017
Thanks , i have now joined!
Susan 27th Jul 2017
Great welcome
Christine 10th Aug 2017
Hi Barbara, you can get him audio books from Vision Australia (phone1300654656) according to his interests. Hope this helps.
Barbara 11th Aug 2017
Thanks, I read to him a lot. He listens to selected short radio programs . I 'll try short audios on topics that interest. I think he would drift with a full novel. Appreciate your help.
Christine 14th Aug 2017
Hi Barbara, with Vision Australia audio books, they also provide a Daisy player which will allow him to stop the story and restart when he is up to it...

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