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Deb 20th Jul 2017 Activity Officer
Could someone suggest activities and/or outings for a small group of elderly clients (some with dementia). It consists of mostly men who don't like to participate in activities or craft, and women who only like cards. I'm struggling for ideas.
Susan 21st Jul 2017 Activity Director
Do you have a senior center for older adults who live at home in the area??
Often they have an activity calendar and usually welcome those from care facilities

Sometimes just o bus trip is a nice idea, You can stop to see the sights from inside the bus or can get out briefly

Going to a garden center might be fun

Going out for ice cream or a drive through a restaurant is good if you do not want to get out of the van. Most everyone likes food

We went to a bowling alley during an off time. We told the owner we were coming, Thsy made special arrangements for us.
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
A local zoo as a lot of people like animals or can you find some one who can bring in pets. We had staff ride their horses in and the men loved this. Is there a mens shed nearby?
Deb 14th Aug 2017 Activity Officer
Thank you both for your ideas.
Lisa 1st May 2018
I took my men to the local pub for 1 drink and a bar meal they really enjoyed that. I had one to one ratio and used men volunteers .
Alex 1st May 2018 Occupational Therapist
I've taken a group of men for a walk and a coffee to the hardware store. They loved wandering around and looking at all the items they used to use and we even picked up a few pieces of wood to work on bad at the facility.

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