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Melanie 24th Jul 2017 Recreational Activities Officer
Hi Does anyone have some really good activities I need to give my manager 10. I am looking for different programs anyone done anything great lately and can share with me.
thanks so much mel.
Susan 27th Jul 2017 Activity Director
I need a little more information?
What is the level of cognitive and physical function?
Seasonal or anytime?
Group or 1:1?

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Morgan 27th Jul 2017 Activity Director
My residents just love our Around the World activity. Each month we go to a different location, this month was Ireland. I had a friend who lived there and she let me borrow some items to share. We watched an informational video, ate Reuben dip and had a toast with non-alcoholic Guinness. The residents just LOVED it. We also had some Ireland word finds and crosswords along with coloring pages at each table for them to do in downtime or take back to their room.

Another one that is very simple but they really enjoy is Balloon Bat. We blow up a balloon and hit it around and try not to let it touch the ground. We have regular fly swatters as well as large ones, just make sure that with the large ones no one gets hit in the face. The balloon will not hurt if it accidentally bops someone, and when it does bop someone, especially me, the facilitator, they all laugh and we have a great time.

Hope these help!
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
"What am I". You have some one write on a card an Actors name such as John Wayne/food item, etc. Then you place it on your head without looking and you have to guess what the word(s) are with the residents answers to your questions with a YES or NO. It was so funny when I had Apple pie written .

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