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Morgan 12th Aug 2017 Activity Director
Hi All! At my assisted living facility we have a resident turning 100 at the end of September! This is the first 100th birthday at this facility, and I am wondering what you guys do to celebrate? We want to make it a BIG event, as it is a very big milestone for her! Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Susan 12th Aug 2017 Activity Director
First of all I hope you contacted all the local newspapers and TV stations and radio stations to them know about this event
How involved is the family ?
Perhaps you or they can hire aentertainer for the occasion and of course have a big birthday cake to share with all the residents at the big party
Cathy 14th Aug 2017
we just had the same , our lady has dementia and wouldn't believe she was 100! Her family organized the Queen's letter etc and had a big party for her at a relatives home so we had a smaller party for her a day later.. I found out info about the year she was born and also printed out pictures from that year a lot of S.A. her home city ( isn't Google Images great!), we then talked about events and passed the pictures around. The comments and memories from everyone was amazing..even if they hadn't been born/ young then. The lady in question actually fell asleep during the party worn out from the previous days celebrations but her family were very happy with what we did.
Kim 15th Aug 2017 Registered Nurse
could you contact your local primary school,they may have a choir and it would be good for them also.decorate her room. make the day all about her .invite her friends from outside the facility. thank her for her contribution to our lives and tell her how special she is.she is amazing.
Sheri 1st Sep 2017 PCAP/OTA
Hi Morgan,
We just had a resident in our Western Australian home turn 100, she does live with dementia but it is reasonably mild for someone her age. We are very lucky in that she is very mobile and enjoys a port every afternoon at 4pm.
over here most people who turn 100 can receive a letter from the Queen (family need to apply for this, some time in advance. We also contacted local papers and news programs to attend our surprise party for her. Her family told us a few stories which we put together for a small speech and we invited family and friends to join with us at the home. some of the staff supplied food and we got a small gift. the morning tea turned into everyone still there at lunch. we didn't bother with entertainment as we had lots of family she hadn't seen in some time due to living interstate and she had had family in the previous day (her real birthday) our Director of Nursing read out many important letter we had arrange from local members of council and parliment to the the Prime Minister, Governor General and Queen.
The family had supplied photos which we got copies of and displayed on a wall and others brought some with them to add to it. we supplied some non alcoholic drinks with tea and coffee and lots of food. the next day she had a sleep in til midday

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