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Deirdre 12th Sep 2017 leisure & Lifestyle / Nurse
Has anyone ever done a show day. We are planning one for October.
Having 3 side show games. Makking up sample bags. Some how would like to do fairy floss anyone have any ideas.
Susan 13th Sep 2017 Activity Director
I am not sure what a show day is.
Kim 19th Sep 2017 Registered Nurse
Hi Deirdre, we recently held a Spring carnival with a circus theme.We also had simple side show type games with small prizes from the cheepo shops. Our food was also themed as we had mini dagwood dogs,hot chips,ice cream cones.We purchased containers of fairy floss and re bagged this into small zip lock bags and gave this to all as they left.We combined this with a staff free dress day, this created a feeling of excitement for the residents leading up to the event. We were inundated with clowns,strong men, ring masters and we hired a professional clown to come and make balloon animals for all the residents.Some decorations were purchased but many were created by our residents at craft activities.We catered for approx. 60 people and it was greatly received by our residents,volunteers and staff.Have fun with it you can't fail.

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