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Maree 19th Sep 2017 Activities Officer
Hi All,
We hold a Staff, Residents and Relatives Meeting every 6 months at our facility and I like to run an activity afterwards including the family members. Last meeting I ran an activity on reminiscing, using Life Books and a reminiscing card/questions game.
Our next meeting coming up I'd like to base my activity around re-connecting and maybe play some quick games on 'how well we know each other'. Wondering if anyone else has done/had success with any games/activities like this or surrounding this topic? All suggestions/ideas welcome. Thank you.
Susan 20th Sep 2017 Activity Director
At the next meeting ask everyone there for suggestions On activities they think would be a good idea for what to do after the meeting
Sing-alongs are good
Trivia is always fun
You can have a game where teamwork is involved this way people can interact with each other which is always good
Karen 26th Sep 2017 Activities Officer
Hi Maree,

What great ideas you have to enhance the social aspect of the meeting. Perhaps a display of individual pursuits and talents such as their artwork or musical talents. I agree with Susan, most of us enjoy a sing-a-long and a few jokes for good measure. Thanks to everyone for all the practical tips and helpful ideas. I look forward to the weekly updates.

Wishing you all happy days!


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