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Hannah 26th Sep 2017 Activities Coordinator
Hi, Any advice appreciated. I'm the activities coordinator in a nursing home. a few of my 'more able' group are poor sighted, the only thing I can do for the whole group is quizzes. Can anyone suggest a few more activities that don't really need eye sight. also in my whole 'more able' group no-one is mobile
Susan 27th Sep 2017 Activity Director
Hi Hannah,
Jackie had a similar question
This is what I said to her
What comes to mind right off the bat is this on golden carers

Are you interested in a support group for them??

Any activity that does not use vision as a key element is good like a sing along or reminiscing

Is there a commission for the blind in your area?? If their doctor fill out some paper work stating that they are legally blind, then they may be able to get some low vision aids for free
There are plenty of places you can buy items for people with low vision should they want to do that

Maria 27th Sep 2017
How about baking where you measure and they can stir, need the dough, cut shapes etc.
Book club - read allowed and discuss
Clay or therapeutic putty.
Music appreciation
Chair exercise
What's in the bag - fill a bag with one or many items, pass it around and have them stick their hand in to feel the item, points for people who guess correctly
Solange 29th Sep 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Hannah, with high functioning clients there is quite a number of possibilities. Here are a few ideas for activities:
Gardening - give clients some rubber gloves, potting mixture, and terracotta/plastic containers to plant flowers or vegetable seedlings.
‘Finish the story’ – Read them a short story but refrain from reading the ending. Ask a client or two to make up the ending. Then read the short story ending. Sometimes clients’ endings are better than the story's ending.
Sculpting – Creating with air dry clay is a delightful way to socialise and promote self-expression; a simple small pot for jewellery or vase for flowers.
Radio/Audio activities – Many visually impaired clients will enjoy the fabulous podcasts available these days; plays, comedy, short stories, documentaries. Find out what is available in your area.
Potpourri – Making potpourri sachets of dried herbs or flowers; lavender, rose, rosemary. They can be given away as gifts (Christmas is closing in!) or cherished.

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