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Lisa 28th Sep 2017 Activities for Seniors
Hello Fellow Activities People,

I would like to find "search and find" pages, like those found in the children's magazine Highlights. Not spot the difference. This is the one where they list 10 items or so to find in a picture. Any suggestions? Thank you!
Diane 29th Sep 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi Lisa, I just printed some off from I haven't used them yet, but thought it would be a fun activity, or to hand out and give small prizes to anyone who can find all of the items. My residents seem to enjoy doing activities for prizes. Good luck!
Lisa 29th Sep 2017 Activities for Seniors
Thank you Diane!
Janet 18th Oct 2017 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
I find bunches of them through Pinterest. Some of the best ones are from the LDS as well.
Lisa 22nd Oct 2017 Activities for Seniors
Thank you Janet!

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