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Amanda 5th Oct 2017 Student
I am an occupational therapy student, and I am doing an assignment on reminiscence therepy. I was just wondering whether someone might be able to give me a rough cost of running a group session? TIA

Susan 6th Oct 2017 Activity Director
You do not have to spend much money if any.
However, you will need to spend some time on this project.
Here are some ideas
As you probably know, you need to know about your target audience to make the reminiscing activity most appropriate
Solange 6th Oct 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Amanda, it depends on what subject you choose for reminiscing. For instance, if you choose 'Weddings', prior to the session you could borrow items related to weddings: dresses, costs, veils, bridesmaids, flowers, photo albums, etc. You may also introduce participants to the wedding traditions of other cultures such as Indian and Greek weddings. You will find other themes for reminiscing sessions in this link:
Renee 10th Oct 2017
It depends what you are wanting to do. There are a lot of books, discussion questions, etc that you can purchase for a specific type of reminiscence group, but you could also develop content on your own for free.
Fidelma 10th Oct 2017 activity co ordinator
I bring in old impliments like churn that makes butter washing board old iron suitcase an old leather one clay pipe baker pot great to get a discussion going what they used them for how you worked them etc I am from Ireland but whatever country use old stuff or pictures on PowerPoint if you can't get a hold on any also if you use a large picture put it in centre of room discuss what season it is what are they doing colours in pic etc
Fidelma 10th Oct 2017 activity co ordinator
Get family to bring in old objects from home antique say washing board what soap they used to wash clothes churn for making butter how they made it old leather suitcase when they left for work how much they got in first job you could do PowerPoint presentation also pics of old impliments I am Irish so I used following examples

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