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sharon 11th Oct 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi all,
I have a few residents who get confused a bit when looking for their seating place in the dining room, I was going to put their names on a place mat but I'm worried this might be a bit childish. Any suggestions would be welcomed. If I do placemat names would it be best if I did all the residents? Thanking you all
Susan 13th Oct 2017 Activity Director
That's an interesting question
We did not put residents names
At their dining spots at tables
However we did put their names in large print by their rooms if they got confused as to where the room was

It all depends on how strict HIPPA laws are in your area and what the management thinks

You might want to put a flower or other symbol by their spot and tell them there spot is by the Red flower for example

Choose any symbol you want
Something they will remember or you can give them the matching one if needed
Ellen B. 17th Oct 2017 Public Relations Specialist
Try a napkin in their favorite color.
Diane 19th Oct 2017 Activity Coordinator
Our lodge puts names on the edge of the table, facing their chairs. We also put their name and picture on their room door. We do this with all residents. I'm in Canada but rules to protect their personal information may be different where you are. We also find this helpful to know quickly who is missing at meal times.
Shirley 26th Oct 2017
I would think if every resident had their name at their table setting it would be ok as long as every one is treated the same way. A small cute place card should be ok. Talk with you Executive Director about this and come with a place card sample. In our facility residents have a choice to sit any where they want to for meals but the majority sit at the same place every meal.

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