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Martha 25th Oct 2017 Therapeutic Rec Student
Hi!, I am a Therapeutic Recreation student in Canada. and I am looking for some non-therapeutic activities ideas to have for a long term care facility. I was given the idea of pub night but I need a few more. Any ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
Solange 25th Oct 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Martha, you could try indoor activities like Carpet Bowls or Bowling ’Tournaments’ or a picnic in a local park; all very social and entertaining activities.
Martha 27th Oct 2017 Therapeutic Rec Student
Thank you very much Solange, those are great ideas. I am also thinking about a movie night ! =)
Megan 27th Oct 2017 Therapy Assistant
We have a Happy Hour as the afternoon activity on Friday's at our facility.
It's a chance for the residents to have a social glass of wine or bottle of beer (teas, coffee's, milkshakes, soft drinks etc for those that don't drink alcohol)
Its combined with quiz questions and a music CD.
Once a month a couple of volunteer's come in and play piano and we have a sing-a-long with the Happy Hour too.

We also have a Garden Café once a week.
We take a little coffee pod machine outside and enjoy the café experience in gorgeous surrounds at the facility.
Martha 29th Oct 2017 Therapeutic Rec Student
Thanks very much Megan! I
Deb 1st Nov 2017 BDM
We have guest speakers come along to talk to our groups about things that may help them such as community transport, podiatry etc. Also a fashion show is good. There are people who specialise in clothes for the elderly in aged care
Karin 2nd Nov 2017 Recreation Therapy

I'm also in Canada! Inter-generational activities are awesome if you can organize a day care or youth group to come in and play games, do a craft, or read with your seniors. Music bingo, baking, ring/ bean bag toss are also good.

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