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Victoria 10th Nov 2017 Activity Coordinator
Any ideas for a Christmas countdown? Something a small group can put together, but can be enjoyed by all? 44 bed Skilled Nursing, many are at different levels of dementia. I do have a small group of higher functioning that can do simple projects, so I am thinking of something the higher level can put together, but can be enjoyed during the count down by everyone.
Rachel Stirling 11th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapists
Hi Victoria,
Make some small christmas trees out of party hats.Cover them in tinsel add a star to the top and little mini pon poms to decorate the tree.They can then be worn as christmas hats or kept in residents rooms as there own little tree.Some of our residents added battery lights to there trees.They very simple to make an my residents liked making them.
Kind regards,
Solange 13th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Victoria, the following suggestions can be made by some clients and watched by others, all in the spirit of Christmas. Make paper angels – Eggnog to share – Wrapping token presents to place under the tree - Making paper boxes – Creating an Advent calendar - Make a poster ’25 Days of Christmas Acts of Kindness’ – Make a garland of flags from countries your residents come from; and decorate the garland with tinsels for a festive look.

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